Scott Abels





the horses
grazing on lavender
are horses       
that are grazing on lavender.

Take a sexy shower.
I am telling you
they were monsters.



One history of public art
maintains sandcastles.
It is an all night thing. We prefer

to be given
a structure, rather
than access to the arts.

A hip, I guess,
insults the whole pelvis.
The lilac takes the goddamn field

somewhere warm.
This kind of slow motion
is filmed with multiple cameras.



You shouldn't have
held it this long.  The sun
comes out and you
remember, Pelvis,

how thick and clean the sea can sound.
We are clean like marbles. 
You grew like tornados

up the Wazoo!
Like the Hollywood disaster film in the sun.
We pee beneath the moon

on the day of your 37th birthday,
your mom is on the phone,
we eat some almonds,

         three sheets say
         TO THE WIND!
Springtime has come and now 

we can't cross this river.




North Platte  


At the hotel's continental breakfast
your future son is biting
the shape of a gun
out of a slice of toast.

We are peeling
a bowl of boiled eggs.
Friend, we don't get to be upset.
When you face your

family history,
your heart is healthy
enough for sexual activity.

As many as possible
believed in seeds.
What grows does not believe in God.