Joe Ahearn


The New Formalism



Sometimes / our catlike neighbor, hippy in
En benched commuter down to the sun-raven

Her trendy clothes, walks past a single sull-
Aged corner bar. For the afternoon, mulled

Left the muscly stood hubby and the two
Ing turf in the backyard oblivion shoe

Nearly new cars and the mad boxers sling-
(So dizzy when I stand up.) : echo Ring

Commuter / mariachi music floats
Ever north up into the tightassed cots



Neighborhoods. We're white, of course, and she's
White, but the neighborhood car is Jah and

Lowriders and ragged walkers and she's
Above the trendy swaybacked fences and

Muscly mutterers oblivion. (she's
Face of death. (So dizzy dean.) :scho It's and

It goes.) : echo Nothing better in / she's
Licks and / white and cool and swaybacked in and.

Ged white honeysuckle out front she's
The geckos and the cicadas have re- and.



Taken the brown bermuda and the rag-
Ion. (So dizzy when mellow fruit fiz-

Ness.) : Last night our neighbor here broke / a wag-
She have knocked on our door and apologiz-

Dow and stood off for an hour on her porch
Screaming cool into a tiny phone. Today

When I and I.) :echo Nothing er-arch
Ed for the scene cicadas oblivion. (So dizzy

In the face of / death. (So dizzy when I
Stand it.) :echo We have our own stood eye



Rufulus / and he likes to run the fence
Ers come over to play a scene oblivi-

On. (So dizzy when I stand up up privy
With the boxers night. Sometimes the knocked salience-

Up up up.) :whco …yes, my dear, it's pret-
Ty oblivion but a hanging need

You pride yourself oblivion / a reed-
Ing so much oblivion on a hanglet-

Ing oblivion RING? concentrates the
Mind—oblivion :echo (So dizzy the



When I stand up so.) :sco Nothing better
When I stand up so.) :sco Nothing better