Shane Allison



Tonya Harding's Gift Shop

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God Is a Bulletproof Bra


God is a paramedic ambulance
God is dizzy skin

God is a surgical toilet seat
God is an influenza orchid

God is a beeper in a ceramic bowl
God is an immunized cough drop

God is Zorro eating cat chow
God is a platinum contact lense

God is an allergic trinket
God is a mad cow mad hatter

God is a blind tape
God is a vertical video

God is a hi-tech detective
God is a New York soda can

God is a narcotic cop pusher
God is a money back white strip

God is a flaky yeast infection
God is crunchy hair

God is a horizontal hood rat
God is a centerpiece of flowered panties

God is a bullet proof bra
God is a superintendent's daughter

God is a mirror of smoke
God is a freezer pin

God is a snot-nosed bricket
God is a vertibre elixir

God is a slasher of tomato puppets
God is an apple tart Cheeto

God is David Dachovny in hosiery
God is a ghecko in frozen chili

God is a cutthroat college student
God is a wedding planner teaparty

God is a killer whale roller coaster
God is a pregnancy test wrapped in a brown rug

God is a surf board sail boat
God is a dolphin salt shaker

God is a banocular sheep dog
God is a blue fish shark tower

God is a pus bucket mobster
God is a handcuffed goat in green water

God is a dilatante scum scraper
God is an ordained premadonna

God is a sicilian in a sundress
God is a matzah ball on a tuxedo

God is a torched dart board
God is a chicken shit brick layer

God is a bestselling hand me down
God is a Natzi nigger

God is a lemon cake puff
God is a rolex butterfly

God is a guinea rattle
God is a squirrel pig

God is a cactus fern
God is a ketchup bandana

God is a belly button seat belt
God is shrimp beef

God is a Mongolian cashew nut
God is a red hot lung

God is a pumpernickel box cutter
God is a teal g-string



Personal Statement

I have a statement
I have a statement I want to make
I have a statement to make
I have a statement about state men I want to make
A statement about state men that I need to make
I have a statement about the statements that the state men made
I have a statement I want to state in regards to the statements
That was stated by the state men who made the statements
The statement that I want to state in reference to the statements
That was stated in the statements that the state's state men made
Is that statements made in this state by the state men of this state
Are false statements stated.
Statements stated by the state's men of the state are statements
That has been falsely stated in the state of these statement-stating
Statements made by state men of this state that the state men make are
statements that are false in statements made by state men of this state.