Shane Allison





Starbucks is open.
Gristede's is open
and they have a sale on egg plant.
Boxer's is open, but so is Rite Way Cleaners.
St. Joseph School is closed due to Teacher's Planning Day.
Elite Realty is closed today.
So is Radio Shack, but not D.E.M.O.
Popeye's is open with a pretty good lunch special
of a leg, a thigh, a wing and a biscuit all for 1.99.
Kentucky Fried Chicken is closed.
They've relocated next to Gothic Cabinet Craft,
which is open.
Duane Reade is open 24 hours.
Sam Goody is closed. Funny, because last week
they were open.
Virgin Megastore just opened their doors.
I love the hotdogs at Gray Papaya.
Washington Mutual is closed today.
I could have sworn Saga Shoes would be open.
NYU is closed, but Bobst is open.
It's Tower Records' last day.
Deterrent Technologies is closed.
The Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for University Life
will open its doors in the Fall of 2002.
The UPS drivers are on duty today.
There's a Fed Ex truck filled with fresh packages
parked next to a Subway with a sign that glows "OPEN"
in neon red.
St. Marks Books is closed today,
but so what? It's always hot in there anyway.
Lowes Theatres is open. So is Union Square 14
where you can buy slices of pizza out of coke machines.
Kim's Video have closed their doors, but there's another one
on Astor Place.
Shakespeare and Company looks closed.
Is Barnes and Noble's open?
Liberty Travel is open, but there' s a sign on the door that reads,
"back in twenty minutes."
There' s yellow police tape across Anthology Floral Design.
Couch Potato Video is closed.
HSBC is closed, but there's a 24 hour ATM.
Classes will start soon at the Gotham Writer's Workshop.
Forbes Magazine closed, but will be open on Monday
during regular business hours.
Both Cinema Village and Katie's Paparie is open.
Workers slave away in the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law
so it will be open in time for the fall semester.
All the divisions at Parsons are open today.
Samson Mini Storage does not open its doors until tomorrow.
Quad Cinema is open. I heard it use to be a gay porn theatre.
India Pavilion is open. Thank God 'cause after the day I've had,
I could eat a race of race horses.




Betishia Johnson's Pantoum

I knew you as the smartest girl in the eighth grade.
You use to make straight A's.
You walked our junior high halls holding stacks of textbooks,
flashing a smile to every teacher who loved you.

You use to make straight A's,
the Honor Roll every six weeks,
flashing a smile to all those teachers who loved you.
We shared the same homeroom.

You made the honor roll every sixth week of the month.
I thought I liked you; I thought you were pretty.
We shared the same homeroom.
I drew invisible hearts around your face during lunch

I thought I liked you; I thought you were pretty
but couldn't help but notice Brian O' Conner sitting behind you.
I use to draw invisible hearts around your face during lunch
with your black flaxen hair in a thick pony tail,

but I couldn't help but notice Ben Hood
with root beer-colored hair hanging over his face,
you with your black flaxen hair in a thick pony tail.
I searched for you in the hallways of high school

when I wasn't leaving love letters in Ben Hood's locker,
but never found you.
I searched for you in the royal blue hallways of the Rickards Redskins.
Last I heard, you got pregnant and dropped out of school.

I never saw you again after junior high.
I was told you shot yourself over the baby's daddy.
They said you got pregnant and dropped out of school.
I should have paid you more attention.