Eric Baus



A dark sum

Sod apes itself and the potted dog becomes aloe. Sod apes a cosmic e and clumps a dark sum. Mirages eat the magi. Their hum entombs a herd.



Small fires in the desert

The double-tongued music emerges first in the “o” of the machine. All other letters have been omitted. Its inverted body splits, becomes a faithful shadow, when its enveloped organs activate a pattern. (Small fires in the desert.)



Wolf effect

If the tongue’s homonym remains occluded, a foot of debris gathers in the mouth.  



Lost ant

One-owner monastery "in great shape" tucked into roast pork and devolved bricks.



A primary condition

A primary condition of pressure exists in the organs of the ice. The pressure expands but the organs do not, therefore, the ice is curtailed. Ice organs refuse to be primary in this form: “It’s like we’re related only to ourselves.” Speaking objectively, as one object in ice, the organs retreat behind a thin, paper screen. The not-character of their speech attracts flies.



The similarity disorder

The problem of the first speaker is similar. What is first is left and leaving becomes familiar. To believe saying “He has become still, without a throat” causes the first speaker harm is the first part of the similarity disorder. The end is the real problem. What is left when the problem still believes? The throat believes. The speaker believes. What is left leaves no harm. The end leaves no harm because the problem is still. First, hear the first part again. Two problems resolve. Leaving two problems.