Hugh Behm-Steinberg



Not Lost


And on the phone she says don't worry. Bring good food. Back in the day Dad, did you join or did you remember? Not to. Somehow the elements come together. Let me help you unwrap the gauze. She told me, when we were both drunk, that my bones are made of quartz, which is why I am so lucky. It's especially nice to be flattered when you're drunk. To know someone else gets that the essential part of yourself is transparent, the stuff of gems, of value. Her dad says no one could catch you, not with a bucket, not with a spoon. So don't worry. Bring something sweet. A road all clogged up around you, Edison, New Jersey, North Brunswick. The stars above in threads. Closer too, another glimmer, in the little eye bobbing between these sad faces, windshield reflections, stitching them together, keeping them close.