Melissa Benham




from repronounceable


what the sea takes away


measuring out weight


of disappearing things




the light makes a name come across the paper


"I saw the shine could no longer contain it"



bursting the correct term for anything


the meat resembles the flower


attributes blending




under glass


drawn up by


    the nervous workings


of sun




how is it possible to remain whole


while appearing in so many places?



* * *



in diminishing


natural light we


observe tendency:


to wish a thing out of predestination





undesigned as joy


mislaid with effort



half the landscape of event is ours



wrench the story its breakup


its palatable solid gift





it was accurate we existed


without formula


shone awry


* * *


thus we relived


a series of paradises


speaking out of flat things


like a state of mind



but there is no center anymore


interrupted by continents



foliage blotted & cloudcover


why explain it this way?



on the brink of sleep


quicksand replaces oxygen


ruining the cute trick of thinking all day



we give our delay on every occasion


falter in the repetition


a token sallying