Cara Benson



Thrilling Intersections of Actual, Probable, and Impossible


1.  Intentional flag problem
2.  Gold chain blunder
3.  Tundra scandals
4.  Personnel files handled by Romans
5.  Hypotheticals resurrected (why?)
6.  Turtles, toads, goats, and butterflies

Flagrant windmill, you watch tower.

7.   Doctor's bullet
8.   A French train wreck
9.   Ankle-high heaven
10. Antiquity extending its grandiloquent arm around the waist of nevermind

Crap shoot, tell all.

11. Expectant fetus
12. Forensic foreplay
13. Metered ocean
14. Alarm clock diatribe in pansies
15. Free range politicians
16. Finitude






Want to see my white Shaman grandparents? Does the you-ant remember me?

So, what are your families doing here? Whose stories are coming to visit today? Well, what am I supposed to do with a heart?

Put it up on the walls?

Do you always know where your wallet is?

Did you check your father's thinking? Did the cat? For that matter, did Irina Khamzina? And if so, did she do it in Buyanto Tsydypov?

Is there an amazing way to get tired?

Tell me, is there someone in Russia you wish to worship?

Have you seen every appropriate regal occasion in fabulously interesting Chita?
Is there a wrapped gift to get through this?

Should one shout to live? Or function pulled apart?

Would the gathering of our guests form now?




* * *




This well-wrought thought walked up to me the other day while standing (me) on pavement.

A forceful handshake ensued, and I found us wringing worry from a seed. Much as I want

to get ahead in the world, the rented tuxedo has to go back by five. Little mums deserve

light pats on their golden heads. And what we wear to sleep, drop to our ankles for a pee –

this concerns me. The submarine of a nation, an amusement park, and white-gray wisps blown

of a wish. It's a deck of cards, all jokers and aces.