Charles Bernstein



Further Color Notes

Pg. 5, should be lighter red in circle and more orange in curtains
Pg. 8, lighter and brighter overall
Pg. 9, too dark, lighter, more orange
Pg. 12, move up image so more of red bottom line shows
Pg. 13, Blake's babe, lighter red around the snake
Pg. 14, include more of the snake at bottom, try not to cut off image
Pg. 18, flowers should be more orange
Pg. 20, red should be more orange
Pg. 21, rainbow should have a lighter orange band
Pg. 25, cross should be lighter, more orange in background behind heart shape
Pg. 32, brighter fluorescent orange
Pg. 33, brighter orange line from one bird to other bird, brighter yellow
Pg. 34, brighter pinks and yellows
Pg. 35, brighter yellow around cloud
Pg. 37, orange line around type box
Pg. 38, lighter if possible overall



Open Echo

Open echo for environments on 24th century studies for a teleference in sector 930 next Fall.  Models and habitats only – please no unilinear submissions.  Arenas to include the limits of interspecies literary productions; eugenics, cosmetology and the new body; syntactic exfoliation and hybrid vocalization in post-WHA [western hemisphere alliance] poetics; abandonment and desperation in earth-oriented performance 2315-2330; network outages and the new Luddism; and copyright and tariff control in compressed space.  Send proposals to <nowhr@noplc-nvr.irk>