Tara Boswell



The First Ever Campfire/Evolutionary Moment
When the Cooking of Meat Over Flame
Frees Up Our Hands for Weapon-Making


Mother taught me how to smash a cat to death but I can't muster it.
Must be a vitamin deficiency.
Must be I've a little milk to spare and all the animals are taking swigs.
The jar/shape of a woman is terribly beautiful.
The lip for giving and sometimes suckling.
Sometimes drawing in the pucker of a breast and everything that comes with it.
Mother calls this nutrition.
Once I called it love and she said I don't know love.
She explains the first ever campfire.
But what about drawings on the cave.
To art is hello world, I'm worth swinging by the tail.
If I survive the dirt floor I'll forgive you.
Doesn't art and forgiveness mean I am somebody.
Mother says she feels like somebody every time she snaps a bone from its socket.
I notice her squatting.
I notice her hands are full of large veins.
I watch them move with her cooking motions.
She says I make my own shape but I'm always missing the point.
I'm always trying to teach a hungry kitten tricks when really ladies shouldn't we be brave.




Mother You Have Some Skin in Your Teeth


U better answer your
phone or im gonna call
your roommate at work and
she is not gonna like what
i have to say

and either will u

I will never speak to u
again how dare u put that
cunt on the phone i will
not rest until i destroy u
have a good night sleep

Good evening
We are a family of thrushes and we don't give no shits
about how important worms are to this entire process

Please stop texting him i
know u don't care if he
die but we do u r pushing
him over the edge but it
was my mistake i new
better not to have him live
with u this is the plan he
will be going over
tomorrow morning with a
police officer to get his
clothes u and your
roomate will not be there
so there is no altercations
let me know before i set
this up with the police
when u will be out of the

What time i need to call
the police dept he needs
his stuff in the morning

I've always been a little maggot
living in other people's bodies
and laying eggs
in other people's bodies is where I learned grace
but that's no excuse

U better answer your
phone or im gonna end
your teaching career
before it even starts and
im no kidding i spoke
asswhole to the police as
long as he is getting mail
there it doesn't matter if his
name isnt on the lease

When I was nine I ate a cherry popsicle so slow
until just enough melt dripped down my arm so
the nearest middle aged man would think of me later
when he was coming on your stomach

And for that document this
u r a pot smoker and your
boyfriend i will ruin him
too i was going to be
rational just wanted to get
his stuff with out any
problems u no he will be
upset if u and that cunt r
standing over him that
why we decided to bring a
cop but u want to play the
hard way trust me i will

My muscles are too soft for salt mines
and glamour shots at the same time
I want to be a beautiful laborer for you

No tara u have so much
hatred for your family and
u always have u r a
spitting image of your aunt
kick people when there
down and i pity u my
children will always have
me no matter what but u r
just pure evil


Am I a badly built sack of ropes
I get drunk and leave threads everywhere
What was it like pushing knots out of your womb
I know clearly my last steps will be frayed and rot in the harbor

Would u be willing to put
all his stuff from his
hamper and his work
shoes and moccocins
outside when he text u so
he dont have to see u

Leave my internal organs in peace
Or fine take my large intestine but leave me a kidney
Leave me
enough quarts of blood to operate lightheaded
We can have the operation at home with the sharpest knife I know
away from all these bodies of water

No problem i look forward
to that separation i will be
flying out in a couple of
days to get his furniture he
also took some catering
jobs u and your roomate
better not make trouble for
him there its nice to see u
2 sticking together for all
and for your boyfriend lets
see how long that last

I'll chew my lips for days with something soft at my back
But you knew that already

I just need to say one
more thing to u we had
alot of conversations
before your brother
moved out there i asked
u to please dont tear
him down that he is in a
very depressed state and
u promised u woulnt but
look at that u manage to
do it in only a few
months u made him
feel worse about himself
then he did before he left
and for what spilled water
really now he is homeless
wanting to die and to
scared to face people
back home and them
thinking he is a failer how
do u live with yourself well

The hardwood floor of your bedroom was so cool on my face

i guess u have a black
heart u made him a broken
man in just a few short
month thanks and god
help ur children if u ever
have any and i hope u

My children are small monkeys
hugging soft and fuzzy
when there is a perfectly good facsimile of their mother in wire and milk
right over there while they’re starving
Stupid monkeys
I'll sit on them

I dont know what u the
van is all he need is some
of his clothes

R u making him take

I'm sorry the hardwood floor of your bedroom
was so warm on my knees

He is taking a cab there
the cab driver can take
him to wherever he is
gonna go

Fuck you thrush
and the middle aged man you rode in on


Do talk to me talk to him
leave me alone and if u
start trouble with him with
your nasty attitude u will
pay the price now stop

texting me u no longer a
part of my life

March maggot
on the dick you ate your way out of
Forward Forward Forward
I'll sit on you

Talk to him stop
harassing me im
documenting all of this
leave me alone

I've always relied on the kindness of strangers
I want to be a beautiful laborer for you
but my muscles
they live in my mouth

U gave him all the winter
clothes he dont need on
purpose he had appt
today for apt now watch

what i can do u r messing
with the wrong person