Melissa Broder



Light Operation

Flying a spaceship
through a canyon
splinters the ship
and cracks the canyon
I am looking
for officers of light
I wave a candle
in a cave
but no one is there
to reflect me
the opposite of light
is making mirrors
out of men 
they look like suns
I find a man
and lay him out
on the nose
of the ship
he is ablaze
in the face
of my curvatures 
of mood 
he is no aurora
but I am
I give him back
to his world

Transcendental Critique

As always there is schism
between skeleton
and never asking for a skeleton
tearing around the kitchen.
You enter with biscuits
and each contains a gemstone
that tastes like its color:
ruby is cherry,
pink tourmaline pussy.
The word for wish is want.
Knowledge gets us what?
Not enough biscuits.
Sick dogs sniff each other out.
I build an oven over your mouth
and set the door on fire.
Grunts are still possible.
Let's corpse.