Marie Buck




Out of the cereal box is my love Paul, who sometimes
Uses an Emo-style hierarchy position to sabotage plans,
Who gives our dog of fifteen years Atkin's-style
slices before sunset and gender is your brain.

Like dictation in a woman's car crash which gets
Stars and piercings too in wet water-sweat,
large as white power like math;
shit, perfectionists, drugs multiply. 

You look like playing football or baseball with friends,
Fight!  Fight! And jump off a bridge,
—And others, gnarly, intuitive, deep,

Having a Montreal bar be about faith,
Like energy, approachability, and razor blades
Your eyes are killing me. 





Ses Purs Ongles

We being dicks to the water girls,
Weird sense, antibiotics, pain-killer injection
Black when it rains dry, under an anti-Vietnam protest,
Let chainsaws be played like saxophones

there stuck on everything, in black holes: a little oatmeal,
God-made grass of well-handled getting stuck,
(let morphogenetic fields get some Spaghetti Factory
with a totally weird sense of humor, I'm that bored). 

I made the team squeak pure pleasure that's an outcast of my peers
in it, we were standing on the ramp out back
Green fairy to give you weekend splendor,

She, my cheerleader friend while
Plain Mary with a totally weird sense of humor, style in the glow
is done with the Asianness of her peace signs, a thousand seedlings.





Winter Fingers Violently Plunge

No, an F-stop walled off from Street Tuesday.
Yes, from Safe and Sound to Proud and Loud.
Computers hate my guts, the guts of a co-ed
School. And they’d be like wtf and I'd win.

Hail to the Buff. Hail to the Blue.
Hail to the Buff and Blue. Chimes
At noon. Is Gerard singing last
Christmas? Your inner spirit is Swedish.

Encompasses everything, everyday I'm
Out there. Semiformal. Finch fries—
Just bend the pieces till I fit. To being

A camera nerd with me and always having someone
To ride with—to things we would do to Owen, like
Windham skiers. Dinner, love? Gold pineapple pillows.





16 Aphorism Contest


Hot wit: who swears best? 
Great minds think alike on and off the red carpet.
You decide who looks better.

Mischa Lindsay Washington:  Bird you worm through early
                                              the case of this wang
                                              dress Vera three months
                                              Kerry before Lindsay

77% of readers polled prefer Kerry.

Elle Lohan:  Hip this firm
                  this donned first favorite
                  Vest! and Receive Mischa Elle
                  Roberto Cavalli (maybe).

68% of readers prefer Washington.

Elle Jennifer Macpherson:  Paris is Paris, four months
                                       Earlier, by a nose
                                      The popular debut
                                       Even through earlier
                                       Months of Paris

59% of readers polled prefer Jennifer

16 May 23, 2005

Clucks are wise from lifted tops.  Jeff at Vespers wires images, Jim can spell "man" and wires images, Thomas is a concourse of images as they are wired, ramify Jill with her Johnson and her eyed studios, Jamie is so guilty of McCarthyism as it wires images.