Caroline Cabrera



Ace of Spades


The saddest part
of having your skirt tucked
into your underpants in public
is not the exposure or the snickering
but realizing you are totally alone
do I have to say these things
who is responsible for your fashion blog
making me so sad
if I've learned anything from mountains
with the same names
as islands
it is that people will make up any story
to feel at home
when Barbra sings out into the ocean
at the end of Yentl
she is making a statement
she is not even on a real boat




Six of Clubs


On the highway
surrounded by concrete
and metal
I am so aware
of my animal softness
and I know
about nighttime murders
and a man
eating another man's face
on the side of the highway
and I am afraid
of nearly everything
but mostly right now
of me rocketing along
leading with my underbelly
being the very worst
type of mammal