Stephen Caratzas



I Am Not on Your Radar (But I Am No Longer Flying)

Your airport is shuttered

Even the paper crowns from
the food court Burger King
are gone

The captains are no longer

Duty-free booze always had
a better kick didn't it?

I once took up smoking just
to get a deal on a carton
of Newports

One of my few regrets
being that I didn't stick
with it

Who knows where you are
going to land?

Who knows when (if) I
will ever take off?

One thing seems certain:
Our paths have crossed twice
And that is enough




You Think that It Is a Secret but It Never Has Been One

The fortune cookie thinks
you need to be punished
for years of "in bed" codas

If you came to see the sea
well the water's closed today
and tomorrow too possibly

There is an office killer loose
crouched near the fax machine
some people call her boss

I'm a monsieur for hire
I'll give you French attitude
out the ass all day long

How many times have you
wandered beneath the dark
only to emerge into darker?