Nick Carbo




The Japanese have the best word 

for it—translated as "death atop the stomach."

The Dragon Master Bruce Lee was rumored 

to have died in the middle of an orgasm— 

aaaah, yeeeeeee, iiiiiiiiiiiii, yahhhhhhhh! 


The French term for orgasm le petite mort, 

or "little death" pales in comparison. 

The Spanish muerte en el acto, or "death amidst 

the act" is not as poetic the Japanese fukujoshi. 

It could also have to do with something you ate, 


extreme bloating because of gas, a failure 

of your major organs above the stomach. 

In fact 85 percent of Japanese males 

who succumb to fukujoshi die of heart attacks. 

They are mostly in their 30's or 40's, 


have stressful jobs, and are trying to relive 

their youthful sexual prowess. In women, 

the cause is usually a brain hemorrhage. 

Spring is when the most fukujoshi occur, but 

there has never been a simultaneous death.