Andrei Codrescu


present at the ceremony


Art won

There wasn't even a contest

Now art is on tv every time you turn it on

You used to say that art is the great enemy

And now it's true

There was a time when that sounded like a joke

Made by an artist posed with a cigar between a neon sign for Bar

And a monk moon

Art is the greatest enemy another drink please

Then swaggering home under the monk moon weeping

The technology of the cosmos arrayed itself predictably overhead

As art advanced in the dark on the backs of stealthy products

Which entered the mouths of sleepers like serpents

In the morning everyone had strange appetites

They drove fantastic wombs to work and when they got there

Work was a game and everybody was ready to play

I have swallowed my reptiles early the police made me do it

Everybody else had to wait until the devices became user-friendly

And they put white smoke and sugar on the reptiles