Norma Cole


A History of Violence


Thus the sun goes down

Then the lights go off

The sky is white, they

Are tired, they need water


Horizontal (bosses)

Vertical (miners)

All silent

In the living rock





Missing Person


Microsilica for strength




a man with a black and white umbrella in one hand, a full-length

translucent skeleton in the other. across the street the second floor

is empty, no window shades. a second tier word like compost, not



press on the pedal

the hard lead

out of control

the further we go





Sun Goes Down


Trees covered with pink

and white flowers—then

wars will cease and centuries—or

centurions—grow old


on its luminous surface a

darker figure appears

to be running





New Horizons


"if all goes well"

where is mission?

stardust home page


aerogel tiles from stardust

collector grid


even the smallest telescope

reveals a golden glow

coming from her neck