Stella Corso



City Limits

one day when we're tired
of cranking

survival radios

this human equipment
we carry around

I will let down my hair

I say
I will go off the grid

with a dumb man
who will plant me a tree

young and leafless

and upside down
because I want him to

and not even smoke
a cigarette

or get my hair wet

but run around
with my roots in the air

praising the man who I hold
under glass

like an insect

I will grow smaller
with the distance

happily doting
on my instincts

believe me when I say

I want to dot our giant yard
with tiny furniture

I want to lick the pristine waters of our future




Tiny Grass Is Dreaming

dear heavenly fathers
among us or above

always leaving rain
on my girl

do you have a body
to warm against

do you have a sweater

like a body
spring grew all over me

each year I push
deeper into these hills

I say do with my summer
make dark hidden





I have seen the shortcomings
of your fingers

your desire turning bonnets

jagged coast
from your interior eye

where seclusion is king
an empty robe

hung up on a line
lone houseplant

in a cold room waving

and all your pretty things
tucked away

to be inferior

that someone
will love you for it

you make virtue
face mountain

quiver whether
love do too




Theory of Relativity

I turn under the sheet to touch the fur
on the belly of the one beside me

he will die first I tell him
and I will become a thespian
but not before the cat
who lies stretched at our feet
swatting gladly at nothing

he is lucky and I love him
but he would just as soon leave me
for a grassy yard of mice and stars

in my dream he does leave
and claws his way to the top of the tree
where he becomes a bear
and my fear changes

as the bear falls slowly from the tree
into a lump on the ground
where he becomes a poet




I Get Places by Moving Sideways

does the worm love his work
enslaved by his smallness

cursed to go on forever spinning
himself into worth

can my anger cut wood
sever these branches

in the liver of my awareness
lump a little tightly wound

are you burdened with words
have you been wounded energetically

not necessarily with a special force
but deep within your sacral heart

are you genetically hurt
can you name your sharpest offenders

jeremy, brandon, aaron
and steve

also rowing machine, small inflatable boat
unusual vanity

isn't it funny
we are so many thin membranes

just walking around trying not to bump into things
and then the moon rolls over again

and if this is my work
and if I am timber for it

take this wet thread in my mouth
and sing