Del Ray Cross






I found the beginning again. They always put it at the end
to remind us. My neighbors are yelling at each other.

They are happy. Language is
different here. Here is where one big sycamore leaf

reminds me of the diseased grove
we walked through two days ago. You wanted to talk about flowers. 

We don't talk about knives and pens
like we used to. Later that day we watched a movie. In it a laptop

was used as a weapon. I want to do that.
Green winter grass. Name

the fish that makes you sick. I missed
my bus and spent the night at the station

6th and Broadway last night. Green winter
grass. Blues below. What is it with wanting to hurt you?

Then the sandpaper fields and the opacity of the fire.
And the nouns that make us feel like idiots.




what happens after Death.  ?
the cat talks /Number delivery.
the Ukraine Galleries Wordpress
AdSense diggs, reddit.  ? what really....
what really happens? Responses
Borino Says: stuff them!  is this...
Is this the last time I'll write a
journal entry in the 20th century?
One lordtime Jerry. Jerry ONimo. 
a soviet Boris who translated
Hank fighting. regardless Stalin
I'm sure it doesn't mean a thing.
Last night's dream, what was it?
If it were titled it would be some
thing like "Sex with V."  vodka?



welcome to the twenty-first century. your
Datsun is bleeding. more Eliot behalf parents
Xiantong i.e. inventor Sheng movable circa
bad music still rules. it's a beautiful hoax.
calling Dad from Nathalie's with a disco ball
and his "Happy New Year" surviving embedded
shallow tray lined laid level. cooled pages. it's
me here at Dunkin Donuts. Johann Gutenberg
started widely on Huntington across from the Y.
note: Chwe Yunui Goryo Dynasty Korea. the
trash yawns upset. estimated hangovers various
Janet Jackson at the Pizzeria Uno. Calm medit
ative obnoxious Doris Day. 



begun congruent option of pink mascara Ready on
Cambridge Street. the Printers' materials cater to markets
both medieval and B.C. all the muslim rags changes
to Cantabrigian I guess practices of worldWidth fifteenth century
valuable, probably the most interesting of his poems, they
protect precious evident bookmarks like all the Queens
Barker presented Elizabeth besides laundry. I will
surely miss Boston. its fringed silk bookmarks and Common ribbons.