Caroline Davidson


Your Cinema is Never Boring


You title your first film Temperance and include mild incest.

I approve but have these notes however:

            1. This can't be the first time your teeth get bitten off in the name of femininity.
            2. And it can’t be the first time a man imagines circus acts while fingering drinking straws.
            3. Maybe give it more of a battle perspective, widen, smother, you know,

your lens somehow regains the stability of our bed frame, unsours a thought until the sheets actually move and
what's between us is a sink and your mouth clogged with moss.




Always Your Audience


Never where all
            action is and the poem

fails to give action but

            steals a city we tried to
bridge and leaves a little

            chocolate for the train.

Turn vertical, where wooden shoes clap up

            a dirty beach, a man brushes

cigar ash from his leathered belly, no, no,
            that is me

            when I've gone too
captive with my ageing,

when our speech stays between
            cypress trees and thinning hair.

To feel so safe
it is awful, drunk and

            understated, this,
an evening piece, Mad

            Scene. Suburban lane, 3 am.
Acorns stuck to kneecaps.

Mad scene transfigures this asphalt

to a Black Sea canal.

Still struggling to

            jet across

half-bled half

ferried still waiting to

            matter. Patience, strings,

ignorant symphony carry me--

notice how I
            swallow every cracked

leaf, every square

city block.