Jordan Davis


Go On


When I was born

The prejudice against the young

The first thing remembered.

I explained imaginary numbers

To my negative friend.

Seltzer novices

Blew off speaking slightly somewhere else,

Amazed to be gasping

By the headlights of vans.

Bits of tinsel

Revealed atmospheric twinges.

Rubbery corroboration.





Barney Rubble says

"A coffee cup

Makes reality

And for this is

Thrown out—"


But Deputy Dawg replies

"Numbers may

Substitute for story

As in radio-

Announced baseball."



This Link


This link to a streetbound sharia,

Well aren't we

Waking up to the horn-blast


Invigorated by a rewrite

As much for its debenture as its


Archaeopteryx, do yeses fill a game

Or are sieve nights

Basking in the stylemongers,

Thinking blankly of their fumes?



The Inconvenience Anger Depot


Slingshot oratorio

We're parallel to chintz

In our permits of gaudy land

The terrible personal patriotism

Of being on public vacation

Is alleyways excellent

Currency dump captures

That make your distance a dust

Times smush to a stone

A fearing bone calm

To mash the scan to bargains

Your children unfold


Anxiety, on in five

My fury is an inked napkin

Captain Treble Phonecall

Goes cold with the fakes

Who turpentine the watch

Who mist the manifestoes

Under Nadya's perfectibles

To gel the receipts

Lovely bingo reactor

Probable cause at rest

In the pathos of space




Money Went Flying


How will I take care of time

Old of quiet disrepair

And cyclone third out there you go

Of dinners anecdotal forget saloon

Forget the spelling of desperately

Forget the monopoly of subsequence

Or will time take its coast

For a paisley sail

The blend of wrong Portugals

A boon archives reprehensibly galore

On grass boson, on shallow arrive

Facsimile of downtown, sweet

Wrecking quick to parapet

Then let it be interrupted