Alan DeNiro



From The Stations


III: Mysterious Station

While boiling, instant starfish asks
the anteater about perfecting
one's skewer, despite obstacles,

despite kettles. Cap off
with trail mix, eyeglass ground, pigeons
photoshopped into a cornfield.
The constants. Miles

inside elf, I hit an anteater.
It had money so I took it.
Forever paradise shall be

closed to me. JACKPOT.
Tamperer: worse to first
dissolution. Brands kneel,
wishing they could see out the year.

At the top of the pyramid are
the empty calibers. Stepping
backwards reveals a fire escape.

If I can't recognize perfect
juniper, I'm not sure how reconstituting
the head, in springtime, stamps
its approval with zombie hoodies.

Blue tower cranes face split
graves. A highway toll runs
through. A fine everywhere, for standing.

I'm fine. Coming upon percival,
a span covered with no land,
it's hard to fathom the
passing lanes, the banal seahorses

with speedpass. Markers
thunder. The fingernail
clippings, the belts--if I

owned belts--does might uncover their
glory when the house plays
daddy suture? Throwing
all indices on the table.

An anonymous phone will one day
hitchhike across the underpass.
There is a max of six profiles

for the way, that is all that can fit
in the heron's eye, motes
chatter from the 10 thousand holes
in the unfiled room. Up with bodies.

Somehow born with advanced placement,
tagged and only then found. But body
fails, again and again, as product

launch. A point inside the forehead
invites spring rain and soggy
turtle transformation when held.
I used to collect library

cards. The hand blinks. No one has
yet come to the door. I've brought
a cooler, socks, a detector, my grandmother,
other small

personal effects. Ibex future,
ocelot past. I stopped
inside the lantern, traded my

brother’s birthright for a fast meal. The lights
followed me. Methods became
desperate. Everything echoed when
the mustard seed was reached.

Activity helped--the hotel led a step
class, and in the midst I
collapsed. Be careful what you

think about, the ladder said, melt
enough times and two hierarchies
becomes bronze, a third place.
Release the letters into the gate.

As a boy the iowan cleaned the
post office. Map conditioner
softening the scalp. Ley lines dowsing

any chance of
traveling humble. Everyone is topical
here, the instant message has no
place in these manacles

hanging from the bunk.
Barcode clouds about to storm.
Once divination cornered me.

I'm curious as to the current
uplift effect. It does not resemble
me. The likeness. Armor all
dolphins. Pay attention strongly

to the yellow skillet. Fiddling with
its access panel on the handle
reveals a motto, ohio. Hit on the head

refreshes. Unspool the sapphire
coat. Love the kettle.
Every snapper mourns opening its
habitats. Albedo object, I

Will not address you when I want
to lose authority.
The problem caress took many

years to sterilize.
When the elixir malt shop opens,
scissors prove fleeting, though
the register still cuts. And when the

centaur comes, who among us is not
a patrol,
a colossus flop.