Joshua Edwards



from Position Effect


The main character
Never stopped walking

One of the scientists
Began to chatter wildly
On absolute conceptual terms

An executioner
Cheered on by a colleague
Took a bundle
To the edge of
The shadows
Without breaking a digital sweat
As if ignorant
Of the combat
At either end of the long road

A normal human
Prone in the volcanic ash
Turns out to be another
Half dead
Mass of systems
With its fountains
Sliding back



* * *



The entire private domain is
Leading up into darkness
Of objectively binding ideas

The passage of time
Is merely a further indication of
The science of private parts

A certain gesture of virility
Moves to illuminate
An antagonistic world of generality

And independent rock music
May ultimately
Be seen as locked in trinity

With people
And futuristic
Dialectical logic

Books and real evil
Desire to possess
Anything shiny

One should never begrudge
The sky
Or more technically speaking pleasure

The whole town
Neglects the theoretical worker
As the curtain closes



* * *



When the dog days
Were only imitations
Of the inner organs of
At the dissection
Of the deep whirlpool
Of an outsider
Things happened to shatter
Both real and imaginary

The only light came from
A human body
And something
Had been erased from
What was worst that night

In the ruined cities
Nobody seemed to have heard
A contemporary account
But the situation seemed
Of the imagination

The sound of
Fraudulent showmanship
Was like the uniform
Representing the entire
Brute force
Of cutting throats

Memory stops at the moment when
Playing dead
And occasionally casting a concerned glance at
Fake living people
Requires a falsification of perspective

As always
With blasphemous presumption
Horror and disgust
Aroused a strong affection
For hours
The next disaster is just around the corner