Brooke Ellsworth



Good News


the years that pass
remember the dead one we threw
over the highway

he loved to ride 
in cars

I'm talking about the dog

keep the dog in
bears are in the trash again

near the Christmas tree
under the porch

I'll have no chance to wipe flies
from my brother's face

the mass
on the waterlogged trees

keep in mind the goals of embalming




Season of Thrills


Was in late April

watching my legs.
So terrified

and I got out of the bathtub
in May. 

But it keeps on growing.
Perhaps today is Tuesday, and it's still growing.
Now, if it were tomorrow,

we'd have an atypical
species.  It won't stop growing either.

Turns out going past

the slots towards the burning 
of fountain grass.

Flames leaping like veins
under a deathblow,

then I climbed. 




(from) Breakfast Song


1.  When

you were in jail and nobody could find you
the old woman upstairs had a terrible fall
on the way downstairs a morning free of
knowing a dream of where she was I take
her mail and the steps in graveness I assure
her nightly the mornings are unseasonably
warm I am now familiarizing myself with
the warmth tethered to this world I am
ashamed to say I lifted my hand up its
dress and I felt the body in my body
start the balloon what's your name I build
up the audacity to ask her


3.  Then

the room takes on oceanic personality
those liars the ocean never makes
known the cosmos or the bankrupt
cosmos the ocean never uncovers 
symptoms of reliability the ocean
accompanies a hiss of audience a
double for habitats that are classified
go ahead and ask what's water what's
water the old lady won't say it


9.  I know these rooms as though they were my own

drained of their morning light as Secret
Secret drains the bed and travels the hall-
ways of mud


11.  Then

she goes under

she goes under
akin to putting your hands in coffee
pots when did she ever learn I am at
the heart of it
 where are you I'm here
I'm here I'm here