Betsy Fagin






a contrived system of concealed lighting

handled possibilities presented by the ordinary and unsightly very ably


having witnessed the collapse of a steel chair–

such is the general behavior of metal chairs–


working day and night shifts to meet demand

led to impending mass-production. rectification.


black Bakelite, not as imitation marble or fancy wood

immune to damage by scratching, burning hot liquids and spirits


no core of pitch, no low carbon steel. trying so hard

to look precious, any attempt merely makes them appear cheap.


a really comfortable armchair embodies economy in space.

in an essentially feminine room, all the odd things well hidden.






hanging, for economic reasons–

    relentlessly longing–

around trees

often seems sub-vulgar.


a shadow archway

of forbidding. trees are bare

as well and good at spreading growth.


the exact center of trees

is energy on reserve

as a city eliminating. preparation

instead of instinctual worry.


where there are fruit—

cloying, syrupy—seed or nut,

nutmeat-bearing trees,

city parks become the thick forest,


hardened as the care of a princess's

fur slippers turned to glass;

stirring up utter electronic dissension,

protected for all life with thunder.


before worms can get to them,

fleshy prominence on demand.

or rot around an axis to represent gathering,


limited trust racing, skilled

    toward food source:

our creaturehood, as anything valuable

is a blurry gift received.

dizzying, out of breath.