Michael Farrell






now, what’s that a world to you., my Needs your
eye, I tell mine. But You made three silent Before
we know; and our solicitor. quick with All. is yours
my man? Nothing only within as they grow. The, least
though I I saw his students there the limit apt
And younger sweet! are they Here, lord? And, gentle learnt;
rather you Like you unpeopled again; yet: mine. You I
me,; I why it is wise, house-keeping: deadly suddenly
dance once dance with you you did. so fast Satisfy
your sight interview my hand tender my self in my
heart, house. excuse me, wish wish you do glad. to
I heard it sick? Sick blood. No stay name. You
in the sometimes, in the light. the light. desire Adieu.
, and welcome but a a word. of you hot lips.
, and I Not so, gentle lips To, agree: the heart’s
eyes what? his eye, desire: his eye tongue, all eyes
his kiss. in words a mouth I know is news
was Venus mad, you see? gone. too hard of hearing.
, tenderness; take this in a letter a French, canary turning
, sigh as if, as if you your eyes; your arms
like a rabbit your hands painting; and away., These, these
are affected But forgot. my student! By heart, heart yet
nothing: a horse? what horse, I go, pretty slow? Sweet
bullet, and free sigh a enigma, O inconsiderate obscure fox,




rubble ducky


in autumn the shells called land it was night. like
the country I was in his mouth. there like you
later, reading in his mouth. I was asked. ‘Yeah, good –
a dozen the heat, off. any town like a wood?
a sawmill. guys in place. we went over there.’ guys
people hello hello I saying. What’s up the guys
A woman on the edges. Like some kind of sun
... yeah, so spaghetti was opened flies in a slot machine
like a photograph red. writing looking and the sun in
red magazines, inside. everything is pushing shining a high dawn
warning, wide open. blue. to me. like a theatre either.
enough, soldiers as real theatre morning. I stayed and I
did sleep and what to me. like a yawning, so
Shakespearean the light the maid like gave it up. lover
in San Francisco experimental bunch don’t fuck in the afternoon
bullshit a motel? This has natural blonde hair between, etc.
affairs that become lifetimes in New York and salvation or
romance without her father’s listening feel like a crack that’s
us. in the rain, expecting something was hell believe it.
the idea was in the rain and that was candy
as dry as a bird or no idea I could
silence twilight suddenly, nowhere. like using. only smoke didn’t broke
I’ll say A A next cable A yellow anything new.
my mind, casual blue and no shoes how pretty hard




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