Thomas Fink


Home Cooked Diamond 14 


                                                                            "My children
                                                                        are untended.       
                                                                      Out of my
                                                                  reach. Un
                                                              tended by
                                                          our own."                     Grandma
                                                       on  the                          psychic
                                                   hi fi. Yet                         the de
                                              signated                           caretakers
                                          think much                       of invisible
                                       guides &                         spurs, & isn't
                                   that  tend                        ing?  More
                              than visiting                      what's pre
                          sumed left of                      them since
                       dates (they                         don't own)
                   were set in                          rock over
               those  re                              m(a)inders.
           They didn't                          ask for that
       future meet                          ing; I didn't
    mention. A                          long   car
schlep to gain                      sense-drain
   ed metonymy.                Before the         
       decade expires,       we can con
          vert video tapes to DVD.




Home Cooked Diamond 15


                                                              My mother
                                                          will take     
                                                       care of
                                                    you.  No               
                                            debit  card                              this round.
                                         You'll pay up                          big, big
                                      man, till zero                         remainder.
                                   Free will: a                           cute pup
                               dream.  At                            bottom,
                           genetically                            imprinted,
                        you're  glee                          ful to be
                     lost, chronic                        ally sheepish.
                 Where among                      the current
             graduates will                        you  spy
         such aromatic                        deep-dish
      patriarchy as                          in her com
   petence, con                          fidence—
insuperable?                          (Stem-cell
   analysis could                 have  fetch
      ed her  primal         joy.)  &  the
         hardscrabble  business  grits
             through  another  terri
                    fying recession.




Home Cooked Diamond 16


                                                                        The cat is            
                                                                   bigger than
                                                               the  child.            
                                                           Wailing kid?                  Whaling                  
                                                      guardian.  Na.                 Maximum               
                                                 insecurity frisson.             In retrospect,                 
                                              your  mother                   started wear
                                          ing pants  in                    the mid  60s.
                                       Can progress                    glide on this
                                   liberation?                          Were  we
                               brought up                         to  fart  in
                            front  of                            elders? Some
                        therapy                              gets incontin
                     ent with                             motif  rep
                etition. I'm                           willing  to
             rejuvenate                            the juvenilia,
         but its crust                           can  be  in
      transigent,                             misprision
   impossible                          to  break  out
of. Any sealant                 radically changes
  the colors. You're      my  wire.  Would    
     it were strong.  One function of the
         group  photo  is  to  comb  out
            conflict.  The  shut   door's
             enough of a primal scene.