Anna Fulford

They brought with them the Pioneer Days


One curl in my head hair.

The foursquare painted out in four stations

laid upon the covered playground.


The tongs in the live coals, burning

in the covered playground, burning

as the live fire of the Pioneers.


The live coals of the Pioneers in an educational setting.

A station setting for the Pioneer Days,

in the four stationary squares,

in the covered playground of the Pioneers.


The Pioneers and the stations of the foursquare

painted 'round the playground now

in service of the Days of the Pioneer,

all arranged beside the basketball round, the key.


My Pioneer Hair curled

near a stationary ear,

the ear on my head,

my corkscrew ear, and the tongs.


The fire tongs I curled up and burnt,

and then it fell out, my pioneer curl.


I gave it up and moved to the next station,

the next fire-free Pioneer Station.

It was an educational experience.

I was all ears.  The Lives of the Pioneers.







I have a cat.  I have three cats.  I take the cat to a house party in the country.

A modern dog.  A modern movie with a serious killer, a man with a paddle.

I find a shotgun somewhere, sawed off.  I take my pistol to the clover leaf exit.

The freeways mount up like calamari and I battle through.

My sister says, "But you only shot him in the leg, right?"

He wasn't the paddleman but I killed the motherfucker anyway.

But then I think I thought some more... in my very thinkable brain.

I think it never happened, the grade school romance, I took a shower in the room-size room.

She gave me tea, so the police wont be coming.  And wanted me to think I did it.