Will Gallien




From "i thought i would sail around a little & see the watery part of the world"




you bang one small form of torture &

are our backdrop of flattened fabric

dying to set up my new quadraphonic sound system

on this market for petticoats

an attack of peace & great wealth my

island of 'artificial limb factories'

off or on our primary platform

the alternative for distinguishing consumers so

coast with the fuel surcharge

of my plutocratic funding program

a financial reenactment a pretty girl a

country of pretty girls






i will infallibly lead you to water

am very like a whale but

reduced to broke-ass walter kronkite

to one-day networking event

being the recarpeter your dismantler

a new auditory process a

fluffy warehouse for delicate boys my

lifeboat from mccarthy's cabinet

again idles w/ my pseudonym




you will flicker un-flecked

are like pilots & snipers yet around

the spoon i am festering your

most relentless pet

beautiful in the scabbard i later breathe my

girl suspending in departure

in the origin of plastic lungs

hiroshima city of 500 mph

& aircraft carriers

i try to punish each other gently

am little blond boy getting

the death card your magic

suitor with dowry of light