Drew Gardner



Nothing Beats the Real Thing

for us all to go together
at least someone will be in town
to check the animals
and the house, though that's
what our house alarm
is for, I can assure you
I will be taking a near unholy
amount of photos. I have visions
of the Brooklyn Bridge.
I'm afraid if you want to keep
a thing in minty condition
you'll have to stop using it.
even at home all it takes is one wrong move
that's not why I own things,
I use all of my stuff but if you want it
to stay really nice you'll have to put it away.
maybe I was so infatuated
that I had a problem
with the power implementation
the sensor was sometimes too sensitive,
sometimes not sensitive enough.
I essentially took the accelerometer
from an out-of-warranty controller and
put it into an old stomp box.
I had overlooked something.
it now drives me crazy
and I don't really use it anymore.
I still think the effect is almost
dead-on perfect for smaller, intimate potential,
rowdy and demanding open air days.
the earnest and sweet delivery
matched by serious shimmery
breakthroughs emanating from the
how-tos so you can live your life.
I know, I'm an altruist, but sometimes I find
someone else. for some reason a delay
works really well for me.
you can leave the ocean at home
(who knows?)
my advice is to
make sure you try your holy grail out
before you find it.
I'll be more excited
once I know I'm not going
to be sitting around any stinky, coughing,
sneezing, farting, humans on the airplane.
I'll also feel better when I don't get mugged
or stabbed or killed or drowned in the river.
I mean, who uses a huge video screen
as a replacement for starlight?
See, I love to hack stuff,
and I love what's mine,
hat's off, bashing to garner
a few new ever-present dads
studiously recording my entire life as usual,
when I step on something I don't
remember it as an action.
I had a bunch of them, loved all of them,
wish I still had them.
Everything gets scuffed, to get the extra points,
instead of step-by-step action.
so apparently we've killed it
as the photos no longer show
that we'll check back again later.
champ and grail is a beautiful thing.
I got screwed on that one.
suspect and build, suspect and build,
I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
the noise was here and then gone,
the big day of resurfacing human sacrifice
and the tiger and I wandered into the valley
late in a bank holiday
to be greeted by some lovely sunshine coupled
with a nice breeze. it's a great thing.
I had this once for quite a while I held it
and used the profit, but that was only after
I compared it to a good in my ears.
my favorite arson reverberating
as though I really believed
that certain clear-cutting
was going to damage the value
only slightly less
then letting it go
but it never cured my jones.