Lara Glenum


Feminine Hygiene

When I contracted the "female disease"
the Normopath            said I would be manicured
in no time

but I knew I could never be manicured what with

            My wiry follicles & spitting fistulas
& Mino’s
semen caked under my fingernails

All that grotty jiz         crusting to sugar in my ass crevice

No acetylene virgincakes
waxing mannequin      

& Later on my back
                             my fangs slung over Mino's shoulder
          Everyone in the skybox could see
I was thrashing
malignancy      out of every oil-lubed pore

rancid & unyielding
No facemask made out of pantyliners or baldifying grout                  
could cure me              of my monstrous frame

          or my unsightly cocklust
          which from the skybox appeared exactly like
a dancing turd



Guerilla This Guerilla That

I'm a peg-leg gladiatrix
to snog             cheap candy
from the suckhole

Glad to pop the badly-wigged boy

Glad to be arachnoid  
& spent

My peg-leg snapping
My layers of porpoise fat         unfurling like a galleon banner



I am going down
on my trick knee

           I am demanding           a historical reenactment
           of Seven Cunt Mary's seizing
the walloped hill



           O war-time taxidermist

My bajingo is ring-a-linging
                                  I am coddling my mincemeat
                     into a retro set of vibrating clouds