Tyler Gobble


A Goose Honking Somewhere


Because to start with
How are you feeling
Forces the blender under me
As a way of insane interrogation
The daily mix—a bagel stuck
To your sweater, your polite nod
Growing uncontrollable
Have you heard my intention
Discontinuity leaps and gives
Your world this value scattered
Along your path to work
Highly creative insight slaps
Your hands once you arrive
Some things you knew the whole
Time—insects know the most
About energy, being in harness
Is a bamboozle, a straight line is
Always sudden, a patchwork
Of jumps will take you right
Back to the café on the corner




Comfort Porch


Today reveals the intensity!

An envelope marked Do Not End
arrives, alone on the back of a horse.

Directly into my hand!

The horse chasing the sun. The sun
tripping behind the house.

I am on the porch.
As is custom lately.

The peacock on a leash.
As is custom lately.

Did I forget to tell you
about the peacock?

Then as now the look on its face was right—
you never know when you'll go berserk.

Maybe at the next unfamiliar moment
on an ordinary day in October.