Mikko Harvey



The Bones in Wings

What do I have I said to the tree, I have nothing.
The tree and I were both frowning. It was too
hot. What do you need the tree said. I don't
know I said, but something. Well the tree said
you are right, you have nothing. You are
wearing shoes so in a way you have those
but that's not what you mean, is it the tree said.
Can I have you I said to the tree. The tree
ignored me. Your father came here once,
did you know that the tree said. No I said.
Yes the tree said, we talked about a girl.
My mom I asked. No the tree said. There are
other women you know the tree said. I know
I said, I just thought that would have been
appropriate. Well the tree said, it's not always
appropriate. For instance I watched a bird
eat another bird this morning. Oh I said, god.
You see those bones the tree said, pointing
with his branches. That little carcass. Where
are the wings I said. The bones in wings are
extremely thin the tree said, light enough to let
you fly. That makes sense I said, my bones 
are too fat to fly. But you are flying right
now the tree said. It had started to rain and I
felt sorry. It seemed like everything was moving
except for the tree. My bark is too rough to kiss
the tree said. That's not true I said. So kiss it
the tree said. Hold on I said, tell me about my dad.
Look around the tree said, can't you tell, I'm trying.