Brenda Iijima




My brother's leg dangles from ceilings and it (that part of he)

Represents conquest Just look at these gallant men on horses

Spears casting earthward Main marbled hallway gilded bedecked

Status says we can shave thin slices of pink

This meat that is the leg is

I call this meat my brother's leg because

It is visceral to see shanks dangling from ceilings

Suspended by sharp hooks drip serum veins Conquistador veins

Gold in that

Gold in the pickled peppers gold in the mouth of he

Operatically dressed for weddings as if all we could do was reproduce

He flaunted hot hips so

Did she and the doctor prescribed ovaries in a cathedral in echo

Sperm are not quite logistical animals

Serpents are

Remember this, brain

Mixed as we are, holding out

Atomic bombs come to mind when hate sees glint in eye

Cars accelerate to keep us guessing





You'll you'll you can, you'll town hall wherewithal

You'll, if you will where there is so that is

As all plumbing connects to main lines

Sealed construed you'll

How must it be

To live out the end of a world

As a penguin

River doom logic remorse, bright eyed adolescents see

Rehearse hearse cast caste

We'll supreme in thinking out the mean

Diatribe click return parallel park flood lights

Be it Hercules or mere mention

Sense penguin forum hill snake siege catapult

Enclave hotbed teaming welcome signs

Stay out of feather color mansion stealing from within

Heart's battering ram as sunset provision

Help wanted in the para ordnance removal sector

There no longer is the community of Ordnance

Once named by the War Department: Umatilla Chemical Depot

Sly lie way from you, don't distress, Blinkie

Difficult to gauge his furry ways

Tell off signage in forest, mountain they want their monies





Avoid go but went Went where, out out amongst words there

So, being benign void longing ethics then bending

How about it roustabout drilling deeply into middle earth

I was a roughneck land laborer I mowed endless civic greens

The men said slow down with the weed whacking

Exchanging sky with campground fire Went venting picking up

Refuse We wore boots of thick cow leather

The roof slanted toward the lake

Peterson announced the great tureen of ear

We partook, we partook

Colons bulging eggplant proportions were the shipwrecks

Gunky oil yet she managed to wear a ravishing corona

Bobbing bubbly scanning scansion with thick inside saying

You done it

I'll have tea with this ear, thank you

Then bobbing again

For appellations

Horrible tablatures in a picnic setting

Sincerity danced a Balanchine ballet

With mental commitment robots

The jewels bled blood

Ketchup in a revolving rebellion, GM

I-ness witness

They weren't born me said death