Dana Inez




Tommy's not perfect but he's close to perfect. If Tommy was a murderer, I may turn my head. If he was into that sick cyber porning, I may also turn my head. If Tommy was a Marxist, I'd be a Marxist. We'd be Marxist together.




Following a code

It was the year of don't ask because I'm so weak I'll tell you which was worse than the year of many staples but still better than the year no one cared. Ask me about this infatuation with infidelity this infatuation with presidents this infatuation with presidents committing infidelity and I will say I told you so.




We'll argue over accessibility

What Tommy buys on the internet costs money and he gets free shipping. I say the internet is fleeting. One day it will be gone but he knows better. I have to upgrade to download. That's what I have to do. The best thing that could happen: I will be on the cover of some femme magazine. The critics will say I performed admirably. The worst thing that could happen: the president doesn't even know what I'm talking about.




How many showers can you take a day

Things are becoming increasingly more awkward. Today, Tommy said, This is what cancer feels like. And grabbed my shoulders hard. In response to my theory that fathers can only masturbate in the shower, he asked, But how many showers can you take a day? In response to my theory on inauthenticity, he said, You're trying too hard. When your girlfriend dies, you start dating her best friend. You walk the streets of Tulsa like you're the fucking president. 





I tell Tommy, Enough about framing the world. Das Kapital says this, Liza Minnelli say this. We were all shoved down in there pretty hard. I don't trust a man who can't write a good email. This is a picture of your girlfriend in the prime of her life so try to look at it close enough. This is a picture of your girlfriend in the prime of her life unwilling. This is a picture of your girlfriend in the prime of her life and you don't have to pay to see it.