Mary Kasimor




truths are lies 
landing on the table
                   so sweetly lured
a little girl’s pink mirage
and the marbles slipped us up
               in cats’ eyes smoke 
if traced removes the feathers
birds fly away and then
i realize that I am why
the pain descends and
ascended into no one’s clouds
go figure whose clouds 
they are       if i could build 
a house it would be wistful
ownership of everything observed
as innate
write it up in the report
send surveys to the basement
of icarus who flew up and
then crashed 
                   it just happened
there is no tortured truth that 
hides in attics 
who would have thought that flies
would outlive us 
                                 and always 
crash without lies in their lives 
i am nimble and i jump
like apples 
                  and cows’ tails 
fall and swirl or the other way
around the ruby sky teases a prism




if I received the message
if I could disarm it 
                    (the blue-bullet-proof car drove
it all came together 
although the package was empty 
the blood seeped out  
I will put you on hold 
for greater efficiency use buttoned
down tones 
did you hang up the phone?
the letters are falling off
I can’t talk with dropped r’s
we will talk at the counter
and divulge other people’s secrets 
I laugh 
and I cry because 
is an intimate moment
I thought you said that August
21st is your cat’s birthday
I will pick it up tomorrow 
and hide it in the garden between
the rhubarb
                       and compost 
she bought a fuel efficient car and
put the money into tupperware 
energy revolves around the 4th
generation and the plot is buried
in earth’s passion
I don’t hear you        hi
I don’t need anything else
or else      oh no       or else