Eunsong Kim



Faithful to Mistresses


Being on planes and feeling nauseas and sick and sometimes wanting to die makes me wonder if maybe I was wrong all along. Maybe we are not meant to fly.   

But still they look as if they belong 

And could save us all.




Disclaimers for Debt 


I. The Book of Revelations: Lessons Against Assimilation 


I. Close Reading Revelations: The Consequences of Assimilation


I. Easy, Easy metaphors—


I. Everlasting judgments/commentaries on borrowing practices 


I. Deared Makers of privilege, ownership, property:


I. It/What always feels like mine. 


I. An informer too long!  To be distinguished as anything but 




Copy Paper


These robots form
metals pushing towards a
closed frame
imitations of flesh
like contact

I envisioned you to be
a dulled silvered,
rounded fingertips
strongest glass
overlaid for nails
surprisingly happy in
this predicament

As you touch me
I feel
my skin, or the lightness
that comes with my own.

You touch my shoulder to
tell me that your arms
are much too long
that as you close around 
You can feel them more
than you can feel my spines 


But all of the adjustments that could be
made, have been made.
I chose once


And this was our choice.  


You reply,
I also fantasize about




Dear Machines, Signed, the Past.


They tell us eros for the body remains along machine needs For those deemed to machine labor, do you agree:

My erotic fantasies used to be more linear. I think. A hodgepodge of the things I wanted & others wanted from me

But now I get distracted & everything floods together. I know what I want but can't concentrate on them long enough to get off.

Please let me know what you think. I am seeking your suggestions.