Rodney Koeneke




The Mermaid Parade

Nothing would persuade the golden mermaid
to leave the sea she moved in
until fingers became habits
and made their way to Amy. Thus was Earl
moustache ends dipped in cardoman
pretty please, there's something sunken
a special type of personality
who likes to seduce all mermaids
lullabied by shipwrecks, preening tails
shores can't abrade.

                                              Amy prized
the underparts, wiggling so hard to prove
our frank terrestrial love.
Earl persuaded them with fervor,
       gave in softly
persuaded them finally to kiss.




Pretty Stink

Xanga said I hit her head
men praying at the women, women silent
we'd be praying
accounts to get into their sites are created
anonymous commenters
only make me stronger
poem has a power
(accounts for their sites)
power finding Xanga
dollar a prepuce, "anonymity pretty"
limits of theory in really knowing others
to be or be transmitted
just make the pretty stink.




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