Donna Kuhn




Insect Bubble

blue-colored feathers at the steering controls
the physical blues, part of a persons jazz
something blunt that is not real, to be frank
a style of boa printing, a flat piece of bologna
smoked lumber to get on a train sausage
boast bomb, move speech up and down
the lowest bookkeeping recording botulism
poisoning boom, deep boullion, generosity booth
broadminded fair bride, a woman just broadsides a ship
a silk fabric just married broccoli, green bridesmaid
stiff and the eye coarse, cruel bug insect bubble
small baby bubblegum, dig up the land used for pancakes
a flower not used for moving earth, tall marsh that is hard
to bear, the act of hairy bee burying a dead bump to collide with
pushy burn, a small bung stopper, the cottage burst
exploded in a clumsy manner, painful bus, dry calamity
measures four pecks, offspring of occupation
half way up the leg, call out, concerned with others calm
absence of fairs and motion, computers are in the canal
self-service candle, a chewy canoe, a small study of the heart
Acrylic Girls Are Lined Up
he took me, he drew me out of my chair
he delivered me from realistic lizards that phone
them that hated me for they are median home prices
someone tells me arrows in the hand
the door isnt beautiful, where is he now
it seems to have a look coming back to me
where is he now, is he arrows in the hand
looking for a hit with the ladies?
will he call u names still
its the end, its the end, acrylic girls are lined up
we've been around, he took my mammals to
many waters to do what, my strong doing
them that's with origami were too strong
i cry because then thou beautiful
someone tells me the abyss is sort of the sea
who plays with the baby, arrows typing
where is he, dont, coming back
enjoy the abyss in your chair, nagasaki
the ladies are fabulous stains
mother is a deep bottom of the story
womb like is he me now
how is he feeling as the acrylic paints resist
he took my many waters, my strong enemy
then thou shall endure being an abyss at
the sea, where is he coming back to me now
is he womb like the story of the bottom is a
deep be able to for me for they delivered me
out of the fabulous stains with the ladies still
where is he, arrows in the baby in the sea
gentleman looking for a hit
After the Exodus Glow
the sun is a non-poisonous plant
a red-fruit sundae, nuts of indonesia
digest the shadow, easily sunfish
eyeglasses resolve problems of diplomacy
sink secretly and warn, to call patio
fallen in, sunken forth, summon up your cheeks
the light of the sun come, attend etc
sumo full of sunshine, a japanese
kind of like the sun
on the sunny side of expense
splendid side up, the time of this system
dark spots on a sunbonnet
appropriate under throat
a bishop who is furniture
after the exodus glow
it burns with a blue flame and sugar
to be sulky by suggestion
a hint of sullen glum light
unsociable with suicide
pleading moist, inflamed with passion
nothing suits the result obtained
by adding him, to put on a spacesuit
an athletic sum up, sunrise is on top
of something else