Mark Lamoureux




Snow's blue because the sky is,
the sun's forgotten how you got here;
at the top of the mountain lampposts
are still taller than men.
Dogs climb not up but around.
A stream flees a peak.
Only tourists ask the way up.
No-one asks the way down.





Turn on the faucet
to sleep with the sound
of water

tune the radio to static
to listen to the dreams
the boats have

poems are 1
chopstick   someone whisper
me    what the other
chopstick   is

sun honey on the swiftly
melting snow

the many waters harbor
boats        the snow’s
harbored trash & salt
all along





Kissed drunk over
wood floors        can't
        even feel
the sweep of a leg but
        for ghosts' eyes
airless blue in all of the air
        android heart
still beats in a jar
        she's wearing a necklace
of my fingers             digitless
        hands smoke
cigarettes at 1 AM
        walking through puddles
with a goon squad      tears
        & billy clubs
I am your baddest ass
        & rain                kiss me again
at home betrayal licks
        the walls high
on paint fumes
        in a corner
the brush waits
        for turpentine
under the summer
        sun let my god
be erasure, red wine
        given way
to pintglass murk
        bomb the bass
the heart is dead
        but the body lives
feckless             anesthesia
        the dolphin in the sea
of tinctures
        a lock of hair burning
in a vacuum
        a truce unsealed
speak seven special words
& reattach my arms
        I need them to swim