Dorothea Lasky




What are the electric lights on the night flight?

That shoot out like sparks into the night flight

Night flight the electric lights that go out of me

The little girls that wander round the globe


The statistics professor is so awful

But even so when he is being terrible

I find his terrible dimples kind of charming





I am a wild band


I am a wild band

That is going fast at you

Catch me catch me

Catch me Lord

I am a hot little thing that likes to kiss you

Kiss me kiss me

Or if you can't kiss me, then you can catch me

Wild sound that goes around you

I am a shell that crashes in you

And makes a sound within you

Help me help me

When I shutter in you, I break within you

It hurts me to break within you

You will forget this as I break within you

You will enjoy the sound of me breaking in you

It is me you are breaking in you

For your pleasure I break and shutter

Please remember that this hurts me

I am a moving train that crashes

That spins across a night highway and then crashes

Into a deer

And then the deer goes through me

Save me save me I have broken

But I do not know what for

Except to give you pleasure

I don't know what else what for

So you can sleep, my little babies

In the white cold night

O the night, in me in me

I hold the night within me

O it hurts as it breaks inside of me





Walk in the forest with the sun and the birds and my first love, Timothy


Timothy, you have a fine downy on your old face

Hello, cacti in the forest with your eyes upon me

I once fell in love with the juice of the heavens

That went everywhere on me in the hot weather of today

I am wearing my fall shirt

Now I am walking among cacti in the forest of the evening

With purple skies I wander like a lost man

I am not allergic to anything, drink me lost sky

That is black against the red trees of the hot noon

Timothy I have no regret

For the kind of love we felt

As you said no one will ever feel love like this and I did

I make things very large today

Look at this little cacti he is so big today

I prick my fingers with him but really he is my whole head

That is cut like a concussion but really it is a goal

It is a goal of mine to cut my head on something

So that no one will say I never did

Very tiny daffodil do you grow in houses

That are on the edge of something

Or are you very small things in the midst?

Still here I see the man with three dogs walking

Along the road and his eyes I do not meet

For I am very scared of things like that, like men

But other things confuse me like the time

I fell and no one saw me

Or the other time I died and no one laughed

At my death that they were all waiting for so sneakily







Abuse has already taken the best parts of me

And then also has made me into what I am

Which is elegant

The things you like best of me

Are the things that have been made of me due to abuse

Would you like to know how abuse works?

I will tell you

First you listen hard

You listen to everyone and everything

You are a listener

And then someone starts talking to you

They are very nice

And they know you, they are your sister

Or brother, they are part of your clan

And so they love you

And they show you this love obsessively

So much so that they crush you

So that you need them and are under their control

And long for their control when it is gone, and then the anger starts, their anger

Just anger at the world, your sister is angry

That she has been so set upon by the world

And she rages around you and you support this anger

You love your abuser and so this makes sense

To support your abuser

And this where the dark cluck of abuse really starts

For in the rage of the world is the time

When the anger turns inward and then on you

You are sitting there listening and supporting and you are wrong

To listen and support abuse and evil

As it comes to you

And you are weak

Sweet soul of the abuse, always owned

I am a sweet soul of abuse

I have been turned upon

And I will tell you about it now

But I won't turn on you

I am a slave to abuse, but I am not not kind

I am sweet

Sweet soul that has come to you

To help you

You don't listen to me always, but one day you will

I know the way that it all connects, the whole world

For they say in the theories of evolution

That in the times of drought

The dying birds follow the most successful bird.

There is a drought now

Dry air escapes everywhere

Cactus light on the heavens

That is blue

You are flying, but you are falling

In the vacuous air that has no water

But I am a water bird

My head is an ocean

My wings are wet

And I will let you follow me

I am not scared of you

As I know you are too weak

To be victims of abuse

I am a great abuser

In an air of white

But I will still let you follow me

Follow me, my little birds, for forever

For forever, I will know what to do with you