Lauren Levin





Births follow negligence
          and moonlessness.
he manages.

          For people
much comes from a day,
          though matter is nowhere
eccentric form in the cloud ranks
of bird, fish, and insect.

          —It was only in how
they wanted to know
that a dark
sparkling tinge
          starts to bottom the cup.
A crust or a film is the top.

A slab moves
up or down –

          – Before seeing:
a premonition ecstasy,
mingled with the reaches of distaste.

More precise in address

says the cup,
there have been many virtuosos
          of the daily event, who I admire
although my taste is cold.



The Object Present


          The chairs around expressing glee and gratitude. Deep deep placid, into days chewing – flowers and the like are not flattered, but able to nod their heads and wave as the wagons roll. Unable to partake, vibrations:  – silver paint as mortar – a mimicry buff-colored house.  Suns set at every notch on the horizon, the dicemen recall where they were these past nights.  An average, the equinox, gambles.  But, black and white, like Holsteins, the pleasant seeping out of now plots contests – timed strength against color vision – his chest wears a band; it marks the middle of the picture.  Organized eyes march the middle space, nothing without where we looked to enjoy, mark this 'downstairs,' this time that was had -- to re-indicate. 

          Member of when?:...  you seek your adherents – painted waves – persons wearing a funny jacket in the middle of the woods – powdered bricks, revenged where they were fit in –

          Twenty seconds later than my birthplace, I say

          "Not now but will be a person who's seen

                                                             lots of parades