Natalie Lyalin




Buffalo Cuffs


            End stop errand boy and the wave that saved him comparing shoe prices glances lit up, family time  the breath of horses,  

            Telegrams, inkblot, quill change, prints that daughters leave behind spindle with two legged feet rivered section cake making troops,

            Treeless ravine and petal marks, hesitant beast, hairlocked chin star Breaking the sidewalk, teacher born, teacher pointed, teacher dancer,

            Huff committee, Diamond crane and sink, gem drain diamond whisper, nailed saddle,  coma of  your favorite spot, electric paddle and thrust strokes  They hear you still, voice box annie, the winter’s horse ride.




A ) Geography


A) sand dispute. A) bus divergence. A) zebra run.

B)The cannon party back porched. B)The way your skewer smells.

*A) landlocked continent. *A) river in a time of rivers.

"The flight was lovely."  "Only a piece of me is missing."

A) bunker. A) way to harvest. A) small force still brick travels.

B)The way a belly looks. B)The essential rice. B)The journey to the middle.

A )glacial need. A) shift in continents. A)crank to push it.

B)The scatter line for other lines. B)The something strands. 

*A) rush to cockpit   A) field study.  *A) way to spiral




Jeffrey Bloodhound Sans


I know him. To know is dimension,
a black bot with star spangles. Have
a sexy birthday. Have an amalgamation.
The language was just delivered and it
is good. 
                        I’m holding secret.
                        This situation. Countdown. Speeches for
                        if I don’t come back. I’m not coming back.

In profile with gold necklace. The quiet ears. Study the
nose. Today I become naked Ingrid.  Would Ingrid
mind a morsel of finger fat.

Girl words. A tomato. A plum. An apricot.
                        Time is holding in a clear tube.
                        Time is lightning on a spare key.
Words that do not yet exist. Alibubo. Bubsigtree. Grivstalbikt.