Sarah Mangold



from Cupcake Royale


there’s a choice in breathing
and then the believers
you can be a leader in the faith
chocolate          chocolate          yellow             vanilla
all day cupcake eating
your choice triangle
steamer ship
put in her language
he uses noir and westerns
true to location




I Can Fly Out

it’s the same state
his wide expansive Kansas

Dodge to explain
even so they left mother in town

plot of land
still from here

Kansas looks a solid second
a lesser sentence

out distance them
rules a precedent

range from
is there so the masculine

and see together appreciate
what we are shown

like one day I warned him
you know kids sometimes excel

oh well rose that she is important
believe me a smaller case

a group activity that peaceful
they fly see other





what do you look for when you meet new people
she loves stir-fry
a breeze hitting his fever





quotations control the breath
all this was ironed earlier
I know because I lived in Kansas
as we all have
pickup the cake





her comment in case the wedding does not happen
some people think sweet is the best thing
sugar    take it
we’re in contact





do you put sugar in
pink cabinets
Dark Passages
jeweled trumpets
the unicorn tapestries
making an appearance
along with garment workers
labor revolutions
she dipped into all sources
interesting things about x
put in a very current setting
local wars and industry
ice is extra