Justin Marks



Soluble Complexants

The problem with anion complexants is
they fuck everything up,
metallated calixarenes,
dual host combinations,
which, of course,
affects all the polymer-bound complexants,
as well as bi-functional ion exchanges.
That's why I've been thinking about
binding constants; that is,
removing certain problematic complexants 
from ion exchanges, which should
discourage anionic recognition
of radical polymerizations.

Have you ever heard of
ditopic salt destabilizers?
I'm sure I don't have to tell you
how much they enhance liquid-to-liquid-extraction,
or how they've already increased
our understanding of interactions between metal cyanides
and former Soviet resin-in-pulp processes.
I mean, we're not talking about
silver incorporation at the interlayer gallery region of a layered
double hydroxide intercalated with a thiosulfate anion,
but it's a step in the right direction.
We will
find future solutions.
They will
become the norm.  



A Man on TV

I'm going through a selfish time,
I heard a man say to a woman
on a TV show when I was young
and my mother was the only woman
I spoke to. That's what I told
my first girlfriend,
a selfish time, you understand.
The woman on the show did.
She cried. She cried and begged that man,
wrung her hands and fell to her knees.
My girlfriend just hung up.
I called her back and back until she cried.