Monica McClure



Prestige Beauty

The Hispanic population is making less money
but buying more expensive skincare products than ever
Gold-tipped tinctures and cloudy bottles of serum
wisps of status shining amniotically through
One man's crotch line flows sidelong into a manicured hand
The money practically drips through her fingers after all
it is a serum like animal milk when the mother sockets dry
Her skin has been revealed like never before
in the Bertolucci warmth of a D.F. night club
as she blots some—let's call it "dew"—from her brow
with the back of her wrist the glistening smear
of it highlighting her silken veins
One woman is far away and one is very near
and in the middle is a blur where our Hispanic Beauty
may one day come into focus
It is demure to put wrist to forehead to unsnarl some cute thoughts
The focus group broke into an ecstatic mutual heat
as her escort reached for his wallet
It was working
Chapultapec Castle was reversing itself sequined and painted
like a drag queen Faust
Staring off at the dark hills of paradigm the data plays on her cheekbones
She looks so youthful she might as well have not been born
like those 14 year old boys
who once died at her breasts with the flags
wrapped around their shoulders
suiciding upon sight of grin fatigues
Somebody get her an oppositional gaze or at least a drink
Simone Weil naked save for leftist pamphlets
(No clothes to distinguish class and thus start wars)
enters looking bruised as an evening eye shadow palette called Broken Ballerina
Now in the movies / Now in a Fiscal Year Presentation
When the dopey husband in the Seven Year Itch goes
out for a chaste vegetarian meal
He's served by Weil and later
the first utopian-cum-racist scene is replaced with
the United States Army snapping open her legs
and letting in their trade
In light of all these consumer insights,
how will our Hispanic beauty get her heels between
the eyes of the market?