Aaron McCollough






Exit the program

firsthand. Answer almost is

to burrow quickly

like a man.


Pagan scholars are threatened

about this year’s

middle ground

of the virus fan club



the rainwater to the fan club.



can be suffered.

Someone is watching

and enthusiastic.


The marble’s lesson,

this little rule,

to the floor

one can’t inhabit:


Exit the program firsthand.

A genuine stiletto! Its bells are still.







chess and assassination in his trendy paintings

marshall all difficulties for normal vision

with description in spite of

a sudden fall on one side

industry pangs we can help

marshall all strange and normal

vision exposed by gold

as with many great ideas soaking

up in dust trepanning

can cause without causing

soaking in normal vision in

the precincts all winter long

limited space exposing seamount terrain

beyond the borders of the storm.







recite the sutra for us this rotten attitude


a guesthouse

a place where you shit, put the meat of the pea in a blender


and submerge

you look like a windmill very steep ice or rock


a dried fingerprint in the third eye

until the steam is to look for wasted space


on 43 things

and experience total submission – a pierced finding – a pool of garbage



sanding down to expose a private place and not walk around in nothings