Philip Metres



from "Ibn Gitmo Flarf Stations"




You know yourself you rarely go beyond

the first four pages of search results. Open it,

read some, and close it again. Try a fun quiz

on the positioning, grips, spins, and placement

used for volleys. What we can take away

from this conflict is that humanity continues

to be structured tribally. It sounds so simple,

but even the beginning entrepreneur knows

how to adjust your forehand grip, swing, stance,

and timing to correct specific symptoms. If

you are trying to achieve rank for a keyword

low in competitiveness, you may consider

whether you need robots. Double check

your robots. In fact, the formula may change.







So this is where you come to escape. He pointed

to my t-shirt while saying something in Arabic

sounding like "sling them" to the rottweiler

who had chewed through his leash. I smiled

at the dog. When I looked down, I found

Kathleen Turner on the other end of the leash,

smiling at me. People who go into Starbucks

do not see it's a quasi political show

of Sadomasochism that has nothing to do

with religion. I'm the centerpiece, you're

a mortice, I'm a pitbull off his leash.

All poets say: my legacy is latency.

A peculiar form of sadomasochistic sadness,

leather clad ashen and publicly.






Acoustic analysis has solved the mystery

of the "chirping" pyramid, but lap dances

illegally censor multi-level marketing schemes.

This is news you may have missed: mice

beneath their high heels, often during sex acts,

competing for the festival's Golden Pyramid.

Meanwhile, troops back from Iraq use computer

simulation to deal with post-traumatic stress,

as Man Left DVDs of Ex-Girlfriend Performing

Sex Acts on Car. Do sex acts, especially those recorded

on cameraphones, instantly become like a pyramid,

with people feeling compelled to borrow

as much as possible? One would do well to acknowledge

being a part of a pyramid of monkey heads.







The quasi-territorial housing

project is hellish but rustproof, domain

proportionate not martyrdom. I sing

sin optics. They will ogle your demense.

Every cartographer's biography

Reeks of inkwells and landmass, blessed rage

For backorders and google visuals.

On every decent see contrivance sails.

Try Rosebud not Elizabethan. Try

Cutlass Supreme not Sir Walter Raleigh.

Just search again what to net in the net

Before you decide to gangplank your tug.

The safety valve synapse never forgets.

Coagulate us on a job well dug.