Ben Mirov




Kid Dream Title

Zombies flush the meadows. Vampires flush the meadows. I think green bunnies as D goes in the PSR. I say green bunnies to protect me from the silence we make. I take an escalator to another level. I take huge leaps to get to a garage full of weapons. I choose a samurai sword to do I don't know what. People I know are riding black keys. One of them climbs the face of a stone idol. Another posts pixilated photographs. A huge brain controls the waterfall. It can't hide itself. I blow the doors open with wind from my eyelid. Enemies flood the garage with motorcycles. He takes his time filling the shells.




Ummm Bone

TV will cure you and drink coffee and listen to the Don'ts. Nothing left of the dream on the hill leaves me feeling washed. The sentence in my mind is turn your breasts into cash with music. I lack organizational skills and love and calls over the infrastructure. My soul is sent to another city to organize a puddle. I hear the bullshit and choose another. I'm made of enemies of steam and things you've done to me. This relationship is doomed. The claw comes and goes. I am a smoker. You are a door to a switch. I am beginning to travel. I think about planes and suitcases and what shampoo. They send back no reply. I serve them waffles and say say please. R won't stop biting his toes. C is walking through a memory of Dolores. Sometimes she is with me. Sometimes not. I can bum around on couches for a month. I can buy shoes.