K. Silem Mohammad



Percy Lincoln


sweated through the strawberry anthology
like he was from the pinhead graveyard
it’s okay we all have days like that
I’m shortening my theory but everywhere I look
books about witchcraft waterbeds and bad typing

in 1962 you could buy a museum full of knees
and when you didn’t care for the poetry
of men such as “Chicken Toupee”
there was a layer of barbequed ego flaps
made of 100% Beethoven hamburger

Mom forced me to drink her shimmering oriole juice
(purple equals grape equals combed hair)
the colored man squeezed police Jell-O
looking extra fine in his 34" poltroon
he didn’t figure they’d want floral mayonnaise

hot gothic arthritis rips my stereo equipment
with ill auto door tip stalks and scraps of anchor
dump the $75 and the worsted wool flag
hang a left and it’s the twin shards
in freeze frame for the populace

like come fall in



California Man


Douglas the San Francisco biologist dove downhill
screaming California Man let’s go

dunking the miles up American photography
a sorry looking road with local adult and children’s choirs

the wedding cake in its semi-detached Jewishness
swirled around wanking the spread of prominent grooves

all I could see was the B-side of the disc
unless Ashcroft has rugby plastics bleeping cuddles before ZZ Top

a novel about bubonic plague and the big donut
which recently turned its lonely eyes to Joe DiMaggio

if simple curious Eleanor would frighten Le Heydude Poodle
England should destroy time travel using inflated liver

and the popular glazed women bring the hot experience to West Palm Beach
they’ll do the mash

and neither was Godard having cretin surgery done
and heroin whales are not paddle sharks

sometime has done Zorro when nobody did
p.s. who got shot



Jesus Christ


elves are practical in most aspects
and the way they think is exactly not like Jesus Christ

prestige classes and power fruit everyone must have a fire
depends on what you attend to or wearing lava

this handsome ghostly image chick coming up to me
she still wore her former chest cavity

looks like you’re wearing a ton take some plate off
do you know that evolution tree where you eat swords

evolve your rogue and bend it to a club
crafting natural arrows seems wrong

you get what you pay attention to
a foot-tall giant around Clock Town

immortality is about accepting queens
look at the bigger picture no destroy it

I don’t want to become a destructive portable weapon
being an assassin is built out of my pants

the battles that lie before us last maybe a minute
arriving with a suitcase Satan doesn’t care



Meet Squishy Money


decades of dealing with the stinking
objectivity byproduct Bethlehem buildup
with added psychedelic rope meant
there’s gold in them thar sexual research
funding for feeding her “chicken gravy” and
a handful flies across room, look!

ultra-heavy barbeque bubble
optical fruited squid cruiser
an dry great its replacement
dark matter salt lick of latest findings
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as a seller of pork
the Amish dick professor
“I’ll hollow you out” and stuff

skilled Russian slaves introduced
b bb bbyyyyy Leo T Leo T Leo T Leo T
Tols ols ols ols olstttttoooooyyyyy
subtext beef guilt philanthropy blanket
titanium seagull prong
concrete pornographer ultimatum
populist oasis

Lenny is thinking
climb over that mountain
of yellow bacteria
but tight whores wear goggles
inside bright star Walesa
that guided them out